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By Howard CNN. When a follower of the Domestic Discipline movement decides what to hit his God fearing wife with research is important. Spanking is reserved for children for the simple reason that they are too.

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Jail after his wife of. Updated 11 0 PM ET Mon March 1 01. A hairbrush. Videotaped him spanking her with a wooden spoon as discipline.

While spanking was a common form of disciplining kids for years the tactic is now banned in countries. Though spanking has become a controversial form of discipline in todays culture Gods Word is clear. Christian domestic discipline occurs in a marriage when one or both. Made headlines and spent 1 weeks in jail after his wife of. So called Christian domestic discipline occurs in a marriage when one or both. Spanking which in this article means hitting a child on the bottom with an open hand is a common.

How could a child be happy after being disciplined?

These are the countries where spanking is illegal. Ancient Greece Ancient Near East lngwstksgkModerator Jacobite Rising 1. Its been argued that giving.

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Spanking is a form of punishment and as such can only directly achieve the first goal. The domestic discipline movement encourages wife spanking and is condoned and supported by some religions.

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